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T&T is a modern Track&Trace system that authenticates goods and tracks their movement from the manufacturer to the end user. T&T is the guarantor of traceability at all stages from production to delivery of goods to the final consumer.

Product traceability has become a strategic priority for organizations around the world in Addition to improving the quality, efficiency and transparency of the supply chain, the sharing and use of traceability data enables the development of solutions that improve the security and reliability of the supply chain. Traceability is now a perfectly legitimate requirement, and companies have no choice but to follow the new requirements or not. The implementation of appropriate systems and processes allows us to remain competitive.

For control and analysis of all products, with the help of special marking equipment, each product is assigned a unique graphic code (Datamatrix-code, NFC -, RFID -, BT-label, QR-codes). All information about the product life cycle is stored in the elentron passport and is available by reading the unique graphic code.

Our solution
Excise stamp
Thanks to the use of special Data Matrix codes, each excise stamp becomes unique and 100% protected from counterfeiting. The use of the new excise stamp will significantly simplify the logistics and accounting procedures for the movement of excisable goods.
The equipment for marks
We offer modern technological equipment for marking and scanning of goods, which is preferred by an increasing number of enterprises due to the excellent quality of marking, the absence of consumables and minimum operating costs.
ERP system for factories and distributors
Our ERP system is a completely ready-to-work product and can be integrated as quickly as possible in any enterprise. Fast deployment and the presence of a large number of plug-ins allow you to process large amounts of data in the shortest possible time.
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